Virtual Sales Director

As a Virtual Sales Director, you will have the sole responsibility to manage, supervise, and maintain our eCommerce operations. Within our eCommerce, our employees are analyzing and finding treasuring within our donations that we sell virtually. Your role will directly affect our online sales, merchandise, employees, missions, and overall success of Marion Goodwill Industries.

Ensuring success of eCommerce operations

  • Overseeing all responsibilities within department.
  • Maintaining a timely structure for employee functionalities.
  • Reviewing website multiple times per day to review product postings.
  • Communicating daily with eCommerce employees and VP DGR.

Expanding and Improving methods of eCommerce

  • Maintaining the online bookstore and media department.
  • Finding new ways to expand eCommerce.
  • Creating a system on what to post and what to disregard.
  • Has knowledge of products that are in high demand.

Supervise and assist in eCommerce production

  • Always looking for ways to improve and maximize production.
  • Assisting employees in their job responsibilities.
  • Ensuring the collection and organization of merchandise for posting is done daily.
  • Ensuring that all assigned employees are following company policies and procedures.