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Have a job that needs done?

Goodwill’s Contract Services Department subcontracts work from local businesses to use in training individuals in skills such as assembly, packaging, and labeling.

Goodwill is prepared for quick turn-around, because we quote and complete new and different jobs on a regular basis. We will look at any job regardless of size, process, or unique characteristics.

Why is Outsourcing a Win-Win?

Industry experts say that outsourcing saves money, reduces company costs, and enables companies to grow faster. By utilizing the skills offered at Goodwill, companies are able to keep their skilled workers doing the jobs they do best, realize a reduction in payroll and workers’ compensation, gain storage space by using our warehouse and save money on fringe benefits. Revenue generated from subcontract work pays the wages of our employees and helps support our programs and services.

Who Have We Worked With?

A few of the companies and/or organizations Goodwill has contracted with include Whirlpool, Wyandot Inc., Todco, Wilson Bohannan, Mid Ohio Packaging, and the Marion Popcorn Festival.

Who should you contact?

If your company is interested in learning more about our Contract Services and/or taking a tour of our facilities, please call Aaron Parker at 740-387-7023 – extension 128 or email [email protected]

Our contract workers, many of whom have a disability or other barrier to employment, take pride in the job they do. They feel satisfaction through the dignity and self-esteem that earning a paycheck provides.

UDC Employer Resource Network

The UDC (Union, Delaware County) Employer Resource Network (ERN) is an employer collaborative that pools resources to provide an on-the-job success coach who helps with work/life issues to all employees.

For member businesses, the success coach works on site to a) address many of the social determinants of work that can cause stress and derail a worker’s performance, b) provide financial literacy and other essential training and connect workers.

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