We turn donations into jobs.

Your generous donations to Goodwill make a big difference for local people struggling with unemployment. The sales from your donated goods fund job programs and services for people overcoming challenges like homelessness, former incarceration, lack of job skills and limited education. Together, we can break the cycle of poverty through the power of work.

Join Our Team

Work for a good cause. At Goodwill, you can find interesting job opportunities and help your community at the same time.

Goodwill Success Stories

Meet Bret

Bret was diagnosed with a learning disability between the ages of five and six. He also was labeled with ADHA, ODD, OCD and borderline Autistic. Upon entering school, Bret was tested and qualified for an IEP.

Meet Emma

Emma came to Goodwill through our partnership with Ohio Means Jobs – Crawford County. She is a participant in the Crawford County Youth Program.

Meet Kraig

Before coming to Goodwill, Kraig made some poor decisions that put him in the position of having to start over. Kraig was referred to Goodwill and was enrolled in the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP).

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