Mission Program Clerk

Reports To: Sr. VPHR & Mission Services and Mission Services Manager

Supervises:  Special Projects

Mission Statement: Building lives that work.

Job Objective: This position is responsible for the program administration duties.  Carries out the Mission Statement of Marion Goodwill.

Essential Job Functions

  • Prioritizes work duties for maximum efficiency.
  • Applies creative problem-solving to address business needs and issues.
  • Provides clear, concise information to others in verbal, written, electronic, and other communication formats for funders and organizational consumption.
  • Makes sound decisions on evaluation of available information.
  • Assists with the following Grant or Program Administration:
  • Compiling data for program applications or outcome reports.
  • Ensures compliance with the 2CFR Part 200 Uniform Administrative requirements, cost principles, and audit requirements for Federal Awards.
  • Acts as the liaison with staff, partnering agencies, and youth.
  • Coordinates the youth intake process, ensuring that appropriate agencies/coordinators receive updates in a timely manner.
  • Manage workflow to ensure all payroll transactions are processed accurately and timely.
  • Adheres to internal controls for payroll
  • Reconcile payroll prior to transmission and validate confirmed reports.
  • Understand proper new hire set-up including taxation processes for payroll.
  • Process correct garnishment calculations and compliance.
  • Execute time and attendance process and interface with payroll.
  • Maintain and update records on billable items.
  • Accurately completes and manages assigned files, reports, and processes.
  • Adhere to Agency document retention schedule.
  • Process P.A.R. forms, assuring proper approvals; disseminates approved forms.
  • Confidentially maintains all employee salaries, wages, tax information and allowances; ensures that information only goes to authorized parties.

Employment Specialist Duties:

  • Assists with development of training topics, training aides, and activities for the consumer.
  • May provide direction to participants with regards to work tutorials and on-site mentoring.
  • Assists with providing career counseling to assist clients with identifying skills and developing appropriate vocational goals.
  • Assists with developing on-the-job training strategies and implement direct instruction for consumers on the work site. This includes, but is not limited to, specific skill training, adjustment to the work environment, and appropriate social interaction with co-workers and supervisors.
  • Provide reinforcement and hands-on work orientation to the consumer to encourage good work habits.
  • Assists with providing advocacy or non-instructional intervention that promotes adjustment to the work environment by assuring that consumer’s work-related needs are met and that rights and dignity are safe-guarded.
  • Know various elements of the job search process and provide this information to consumers or instruct consumers, as applicable.
  • Assists with obtaining information from employer on consumer’s performance, site modification, and schedules in order to enhance integration.
  • Assure that documentation for consumer’s vocational programming and progress is completed according to procedural guidelines.
  • Assisting with compiling accurate account and case notes on all contacts with consumers, stakeholders, or other stakeholders.
  • Keep accurate record of all billable time and mileage.
  • Together with consumers, co-workers and external stakeholders continuously assess services.

Prioritize work with daily/weekly goals.

Assists and monitors to ensure programs are achieving outcome goals for programs.  If program goals are not being achieved, develop an action plan with follow up to achieve desired goals.

Ensures compliance in all audits, program requirements, and/or CARF standards.

Build and maintain effective quality working relationships by providing exceptional customer service with internal and external customers.  Act with customers in mind and dedication to gaining their trust and meeting their expectations.

Assist with greeting visitors, answering phone, recording messages, relaying information.

Maintain confidentiality of agency information including employee wages, consumer information, agency finances, and executive decisions.  Ensure correct information goes only to the appropriate person(s).

Is aware of and follows all company policies and procedures as outlined in the Employee    Handbook and ongoing training.

Attends meeting/training as scheduled.

Reports any accidents/incidents and unsafe conditions to supervisor(s) and assists with completing appropriate reports. Follows all safety policies and procedures.

Appropriately dressed in accordance with the employee dress code.

Perform other related duties as assigned.

Job Competencies:

Relationship Management– The ability to manage interactions to provide service and to support the organization. This to include: Business Networking Expertise, Visibility, Customer Service, Advocacy, Creditability, Community Relations, Teamwork, Proactivity, Responsiveness

Consultation– The ability to provide guidance to organizational stakeholders. This to include: Project Management, Analytic Reasoning, Problem-solving, Inquisitiveness, Creativity and Innovation, Flexibility, Time Management

Leadership and Navigation– The ability to direct and contribute to initiatives and processes within the organization.  This to include: Transformational and Functional Leadership, Results and Goal Oriented, Mission Driven, Change Management, Consensus Builder

Communication– The ability to effectively exchange information with stakeholders.  This to include: Verbal, Written, and Presentation Communication Skills, Persuasion, Diplomacy, Perceptual Objectivity, Active Listening, Effective Timely Feedback, Facilitation Skills, Meeting Effectiveness, Social Technology and Social Media Savvy, Public Relations

Cultural Effectiveness– The ability to value and consider the perspectives and backgrounds of all parties.  This to include: Diversity Perspective, Openness to Various Perceptiveness, Empathy, Openness to Experience, Tolerance for Ambiguity, Adaptability, Cultural Awareness and Respect

Ethical Practices– The ability to integrate core values, integrity, and accountability throughout all organizational and business practices.   This to include: Rapport Building, Trust Building, Professionalism, Creditability, Personal and Professional Courage, Personal, Professional and Behavioral Integrity

Critical Evaluation– The ability to interpret information to make business decisions and recommendations.  This to include:  Measurement and Assessment Skills, Objectivity, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Curiosity and Inquisitiveness, Research Methodology, Decision-making, Knowledge Management

Physical/Emotional Demands:

The ability to remain in a stationary position roughly 75% of the time, as well as the ability to move about the office occasionally (accessing files/storage, office equipment, computers and other office productivity devices, attending meetings, etc.), is required.

Using a computer while sitting for extended periods is common. Must also be able to position self to maintain equipment, including under tables and desks.

No heavy lifting is expected, though occasional exertion of about 20 lbs. of force (e.g., carrying binders, portfolios, laptops) may be required. Good manual dexterity required to use common office equipment (e.g., computers, mobile devices, calculators, copiers, scanners).

Emotional: Can be high stress. Regular need for communication and social interaction with others. May require prioritization in a fast-paced environment.


Job Location: Community based sites, Goodwill facilities; some travel to work sites, meetings and conferences.

Technology and Equipment

Copier; Scanner; Computer; Basic Internet and Email Usage; Instant Messaging; Zoom; Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, Outlook, Teams); adding machine, fax machine, copier/scanner; Payroll Software.

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