Assistant Operations Manager

Classification: Staff

Reports To: Operations Coordinator

FLSA Status: Non – Exempt

Supervises: Assigned associates at the Online sales operations center
Revised Date: 12/2020

Mission Statement: Building lives that work.

Job Objective

This position is responsible for assisting the Operations Coordinator in the successful operation of S/he will do and assist in: develop the entire team; integrate rehabilitation services; offer quality merchandise; and maintain financial viability. Assist in the supervision of store personnel in department assigned; carry out the Marion Goodwill Industries, Inc. Mission Statement.

Essential Job Functions

  • Seeks process improvement through numerous resources.
  • Demonstrates approachability and openness.
  • Applies creative problem-solving to address business needs and issues.
  • Fosters collaboration.
  • Provides clear, concise information to others in verbal, written, electronic, and other communication formats for public and organizational consumption.
  • Maintains openness to others’ ideas and makes decisions based upon experience, data, facts and reasoned judgment.
  • Makes sound decisions based on evaluation of available information

Customer Service:

  • Demonstrate outstanding customer service, able to show customer respect at all times, and settling for nothing less than excellence while performing daily responsibilities.
  • Observe the 10-foot rule, which ensures every customer encountered at this distance is aided in a polite and serviceable manner.
  • Greet all customers with a pleasant, warm greeting and smile as they enter the building, call on the phone or email, answering the customers questions and thanking all customers as you complete the conversation.
  • Demonstrate a professional, presentable appearance, including visible presence of the issued nametag according to Marion Goodwill dress code.
  • Maintain a positive, team-oriented relationship with peers and supervisors.
  • Assist in developing and maintaining store appearance, ensuring a clean, organized and safe environment.
  • Responsible for maintaining open communication between store personnel and management.
  • Maintain confidentiality; ensure correct information goes only to the appropriate person(s).
  • Assist in special events with the Operations Coordinator and Online sales and IT Coordinator.
  • Present a positive public image for the betterment of the organization.
  • Communicate with Operations Coordinator and team before, during and at the end of shift.
  • Ensure all employee and customer concerns are resolved in a timely manner.

Hiring and Team development:

  • Understand and follow associate and Shift Supervisor Job Descriptions.
  • Assist with recruiting and selecting future employees for Marion Goodwill.
  • Ensure that hiring process is in accordance with Hiring Procedures.
  • Receive and review hiring applications and verify minimum qualifications are met.
  • Develop and coach employees to maximize their individual potential.
  • Hold team accountable to the Marion Goodwill production standards
  • Set goals with each employee with monthly, quarterly and yearly follow-up to ensure completion.
  • Responsible for evaluating employee’s performance on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.
  • Lead and offer job duty guidance to personnel assigned.
  • Ensure the training of employees is complete and accurate. Ensure associates assigned are productive with job responsibilities and/or locating a manager to update their job duties.


  • Assist Operations Coordinator with operating a profitable website.
  • Responsible for operating effective sorting, photography, posting, and shipping strategies, using procedural guidelines.
  • Ensure that the location meets or exceeds daily goals in all areas.
  • Responsible for ensuring corporate audit standards are met.
  • Ensure the accurate posting merchandise to the website (upload digital images, compose item descriptions, determine weight, set increment, proof finished posting, submit finished posting, store merchandise in designated holding area) by all employees.
  • Assist with the collection and organization of merchandise for posting. Examine merchandise and prepare it for digital imaging. Take digital pictures of merchandise.
  • Assist with processing shipments and documentation (access shipper, generate labels and required documentation, label packages, ship packages).
  • Ensure products are being pulled and/or recycled in a timely manner after the completion of the auction.

Scheduling and Administration:

  • Attend meetings/trainings as scheduled and integrate information from training into store operations where applicable.
  • May be responsible for scheduling with the guidance of the Operations Coordinator, ensuring payroll percentage is at or below budgeted payroll percentage.
  • Perform administrative tasks, including: accurate daily/weekly/monthly reporting; opening and closing procedures including product management.
  • Ensure record keeping is accurate, complete and forwarded to the proper location in a timely manner as required.
  • Is aware of and follows all company policies and procedures as outlined in the Employee Handbook, Policies & Procedures, and ongoing training.
  • Ensure that all assigned employees are in compliance with company policies and procedures.
  • Receive and review all employee attendance with Operations Coordinator. (Tardiness, absence, left early or arrived early.) Ensure appropriate actions are taken within a timely manner.
  • Ensure store supply requisition and/or inventory are completed by specific due dates.
  • May be required to temporarily assist in other locations.
  • Ensure breaks and lunches are scheduled with associates and/or Shift Supervisor and are being taken on time.
  • Ensure department team cleans, restocks supplies and maintains overall organization of department.
  • Works as scheduled, being flexible when needed.

Safety and Loss prevention:

  • Responsible for maintaining a safe workplace and complying with all state and federal safety and health regulations as well as company safety policy and procedures.
  • Assess emergency situations and take action as the need indicates, reporting any such situation in writing and forwarding to the Safety Coordinator at the Corporate Office within 24 hours.
  • Notify Online sales and IT Coordinator or President/CEO of any property or physical injury by phone immediately.
  • Provide constant surveillance of the sales floor and backroom for safety and loss prevention measures.
  • Prepare daily bank deposits when needed.
  • Responsible for proper use of all monitoring/security systems (cameras and alarms) and communicating any questionable behavior to direct supervisor or other appropriate person.
  • Ensure monthly safety inspections are completed and submitted on time.
  • Ensure the training and execution all Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls.
  • Ensure the safe handling and usage of rolling blue bins.
  • Ensure the compliance with the Hazardous Communication Policy and Procedure (chemical labeling, Safety Data Sheets, and training).
  • Ensure compliance of sanitizing and labeling of bedding, upholstered furniture, stuffed toys, and filling materials.

Perform all other duties as assigned by Supervisor.

Qualifications/Basic Job Requirements:

  • Academic preparation preferably at high school level or GED.
  • One year of retail or online sales experience preferred.
  • One year supervisory experience required.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older, have command of the English language sufficient to communicate with customers, co-workers, and supervisors.
  • Must be able to operate personal computer with Windows operating system.
  • Must be able to physically sort, photograph, post and ship donated items.
  • Must be able to pass alcohol/drug screening.
  • Criminal background check required.
  • First Aid CPR Certified if assigned by Safety Coordinator (training provided)
  • Must maintain a valid driver’s license, adequate personal liability insurance, and a driving record acceptable to Goodwill’s insurance provider.

Job Competencies:

Relationship Management – The ability to manage interactions to provide service and to support the organization. This to include: Business Networking Expertise, Visibility, Customer Service, Advocacy, Creditability, Community Relations, Teamwork, Proactivity, Responsiveness

Consultation – The ability to provide guidance to organizational stakeholders. This to include: Project Management, Analytic Reasoning, Problem-solving, Inquisitiveness, Creativity and Innovation, Flexibility, Time Management

Leadership and Navigation – The ability to direct and contribute to initiatives and processes within the organization. This to include: Transformational and Functional Leadership, Results and Goal Oriented, Mission Driven, Change Management, Consensus Builder

Communication – The ability to effectively exchange information with stakeholders. This to include: Verbal, Written, and Presentation Communication Skills, Persuasion, Diplomacy, Perceptual Objectivity, Active Listening, Effective Timely Feedback, Facilitation Skills, Meeting Effectiveness, Social Technology and Social Media Savvy, Public Relations

Cultural Effectiveness – The ability to value and consider the perspectives and backgrounds of all parties. This to include: Diversity Perspective, Openness to Various Perceptiveness, Empathy, Openness to Experience, Tolerance for Ambiguity, Adaptability, Cultural Awareness and Respect

Ethical Practices – The ability to integrate core values, integrity, and accountability throughout all organizational and business practices. This to include: Rapport Building, Trust Building, Professionalism, Creditability, Personal and Professional Courage, Personal, Professional and Behavioral Integrity

Critical Evaluation – The ability to interpret information to make business decisions and recommendations. This to include: Measurement and Assessment Skills, Objectivity, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Curiosity and Inquisitiveness, Research Methodology, Decision-making, Knowledge Management

Business Acumen – The ability to understand and apply information to contribute to the organization’s strategic plan. This to include: Strategic Agility, Business Knowledge, Systems Thinking, Economic Awareness, Effective Administration, Departmental and Company Business Knowledge

Physical/Emotional Demands:

Must be able to physically sort/hang/display retail items.

Must be able to stand for long periods of time, stoop, squat, bend and twist, reach for extended periods of time; push, pull, or lift up to 50 pounds in a safe manner.

Emotional: Can be high stress. Regular need for communication and social interaction with others. May require prioritization in a fast-paced environment.

Job Location
Online sale Operation Center. May travel to other stores and throughout the organization; some travel required for meetings and conferences.

Technology and Equipment
Computers with knowledge of, but not limited to Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, Zoom, ADP Software, POS, camera, shipping and office supplies, online posting software, adding machine, supplies, pallet jack, security equipment, and forklift (when licensed by Agency).