Textile Processor

Reports to: Store Management Team

Revised Date: 9/2023

Mission Contribution:

To ensure the efficient and cost-effective operation and stewardship of Goodwill through donor and customer relations, processing donated goods, quality control, to maximize profitability and increase training opportunities.


Under the direct supervision of the management team or designee Textile Processor is responsible for hanging apparel, transporting and hanging apparel onto sales floor and facility security and maintenance. 

Essential Functions:

  1. Provides outstanding customer service.
  2. Stays abreast of brand names, designer labels, current and vintage styles, and price points for textiles.
  3. When sorting and hanging, ensure all items not going to sales floor are in appropriate areas, salvage, Ecom, etc.
  4. Provides quality assurance by checking for tears, stains, wet, smelly, soiled, broken zippers, missing buttons.
  5. Recognize apparel brand names, knowledgeable on pricing, and grade quality of apparel.
  6. Maintains accurate hang and salvage counts with the goal of 80+ pieces hung/hour with 50% or higher sell through.
  7. Always maintains sorting and processing area in a neat and clean condition.
  8. May assists with floor running, apparel rotation, cleaning dressing rooms as needed.
  9. Adheres to all Goodwill personnel policies and procedures; follow good safety and security practices including reporting safety hazards and injuries to the Supervisor on duty.
  10. Performs assigned duties within the framework of our Guiding Principles:
    • Using data for operational productivity
    • We are committed to providing outstanding customer service.
    • Greeting donors and shoppers within 10 seconds.
    • Maintaining a clean, neat, organized, and safe facility.  The image of the store reflects Goodwill, the manager, and the team.
    • Stocking our store with full and fresh product.
    • All donations should be processed within 24 hours.
    • Avoiding piles-If you have a pile, we have a problem.
  11. May be asked to participate in activities outside of Goodwill.
  12. Attends in-service and related training as assigned by Supervisor.
  13. Performs other duties as assigned by Supervisor.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Able to perform basic math skills.
  • Ability to maintain a positive, friendly attitude and a neat, clean, and well-groomed appearance. 
  • Ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences
  • Regular attendance at the job, requiring teamwork and interaction with others.
  • Ability to work under general supervision.
  • Ability to develop, provide and maintain effective working relationships with team leader, team members, customers, and clients. 

Special Requirements:

  • Must have reliable means of transportation.
  • Must be willing and able to work as scheduled to meet the needs of the store.
  • Must make a commitment to drug-free workplace culture and policy.

Physical Requirements:

  • Able to stand, bend and reach.
  • Able to lift, push, pull, carry or otherwise move up to twenty-five (25) pounds with no support regularly. Over twenty-five (25) pounds request for additional team member assistance as needed.
  • Must make a commitment to drug-free workplace culture and policy.

Critical Performance Factors (CPF):

  1. Apparel Donor Value (Location vs goal)
  2. Transaction Value (Location vs LY)
  3. Sales vs. Budget
  4. Sell Thru % (individual vs. Goodwill)
  5. Work Quantity – hourly production vs. goal (units produced per hour)
  6. Work Integrity – follows established procedures timely with a sense of urgency
  7. Work Quality – personal image, keeps work area/location clean, individual safety performance
  8. Attendance – works schedule as assigned, notify leadership as needed with no recurring issues
  9. Safety – Goodwill metric score
  10. Role Model Worker % of RFT TMs (# of Full Time TMs that are RMW/MA vs non-RMW by %) vs goal

Job Location: Assigned store; some travel to other stores/main building may be necessary.

Technology and Equipment: Computer, iPad, supplies, pallet jack, and forklift (when licensed by Agency).