Meet Taylor

Taylor was 3-months pregnant and evicted from her apartment when she enrolled in the homeless youth program.

The Ohio Department of Health awarded Marion Goodwill a grant to aid homeless youth & homeless pregnant youth aged 14-24 in the Marion County area. The goal of the program is to help those without a support system obtain self-sustainability and a sense of community belonging.

Taylor was 3-months pregnant and evicted from her apartment when she enrolled in the program. She had no friends or family that she could stay with and the local homeless shelter was full. Taylor was left with the only option she had for emergency housing – her car.

While she was able to find a job working 40 hours per week, she was barely making enough money to afford a room at the least expensive motel in town. She had very little money left for food after paying for her room each week. Then COVID entered the picture. Taylor had to quarantine at the motel for 10 days and could not go to work. She was only days away from sleeping in her car again. The Goodwill Youth Advocate was able to help Taylor secure housing through a collaboration with a local landlord.

The Advocate worked with Taylor to develop a budget with financial goals, assisted Taylor in applying for medical and food assistance, referred her to Community Action to receive utility assistance, and ensured that Taylor was enrolled in local WIC programming and receiving regular prenatal healthcare from an OBGYN.

Taylor was recently invited to speak to the Center for the Study of Social Policy, regarding homeless youth and the programming she has received. Taylor is a prime example of what a person can accomplish with a strong desire to succeed and the backing of a support team. Taylor is Goodwill Strong.