Meet Sean

Meet Sean! Sean was interested in enrolling in our Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). After working with him and understanding his needs, we referred him to Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD).  They felt that the SCSEP program would be a good fit for Sean, so he was enrolled in the program. He was placed at our Marion retail store and is thriving. One barrier that continued to make Sean’s life difficult was the lack of transportation.

Because Sean is deaf, he had a difficult time communicating with public transit, making it hard for him to get where he needed to be.  Sherry, Goodwill Employment Specialist, worked with OOD, and they were able to purchase an electric bike for Sean. Now he can get to and from work, get groceries, and visit his sister who lives on the other side of town. The electric bike is very convenient. Sean can just plug it in and let it charge while he is working or at home.

Sean stated, “I truly appreciate the help I got because I felt alone in my fight for survival. Thank you OOD and Goodwill.” Not being afraid or shy about asking for help Sean Stated, “I really think it allows others to see that I won’t give up on making a better life for myself which in turn gives my family hope.” Sean is Goodwill Strong.

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