Meet Bret

Bret was diagnosed with a learning disability between the ages of five and six.

Bret was diagnosed with a learning disability between the ages of five and six. He also was labeled with ADHA, ODD, OCD and borderline Autistic. Upon entering school, Bret was tested and qualified for an IEP. Throughout his school years, Bret received wonderful help and resources from his teachers and the school staff who truly cared about him and his learning experience.

Each year his family saw dramatic changes in his behavior and ability to learn.

Bret graduated from high school and deferred his diploma so he could further his education with the VISIONS program at Tri-Rivers Career Center. This program helped him understand the processes and responsibilities of having a job.

Bret started his journey with Goodwill as a participant in our Summer Youth Work Experience Program, through Opportunities for Ohioans With Disabilities, where he helped at the Boys & Girls Club. This is a five-week long program that helps youth gain work skills, improve their communication skills and their ability to work with others. Through this program, participants develop a work history and gain on the job experience. It is a step in the process to prepare youth for long-term employment and independence.

After finishing the program, Bret selected Goodwill as his vendor of choice for our Job Development Program. Bret worked one-on-one with Sherry, an Employment Specialist, to develop a customized employment plan. With Sherry’s guidance, Bret completed an application, interviewed and secured a position as a Courtesy Clerk at Kroger, where he has been employed for one year. He is so proud of getting a job and his smile lights up his whole face.

Bret is a prime example of what a person can accomplish with a strong desire to grow, learn and work. With the backing of an amazing support team, Bret has been able to reach his goal of having a job and working in the community.