Store Manager

Supervises: Store Employees

Reports to: Retail Director

Revised Date: 9/2023

Mission Contribution:

To ensure the efficient and cost-effective operation and stewardship of Goodwill to maximize profitability and increase training opportunities.


Under the supervision of the Retail Director the Goodwill Store Manager is responsible for all aspects of operating a Goodwill Store.

Essential Functions:

  1. Provides outstanding customer service. 
  2. Hires, trains, develops, supervises, and evaluates team members within the framework of Goodwill policies and procedures and job descriptions.
  3. Develops, trains, and supervises Assistant Store Manager, ensuring they can perform any of the duties and responsibilities outlined in this position description on a regular or intermittent basis with the goal of preparing future Store Managers. 
  4. Operates the store within budgeted expense to revenue ratios and donor value.
  5. Ensures good stewardship of all donations, through proper handling and processing of incoming donation flow in and out of the store in accordance with Goodwill policies and procedures. 
  6. Schedules/maintains labor and payroll in accordance with Goodwill policies and procedures.
  7. Responsible for image, maintenance, loss prevention, safety, and security of the store in accordance with Goodwill policies and procedures.
  8. Responsible for ordering and maintaining supplies and all other Goodwill property in a secure manner in accordance with established budget and practices.
  9. Is responsible for:
    • Cash handling
    • Comment cards
    • Monthly Safety Site Inspection
    • Incident/Accident reports
    • Petty Cash and Expense Reports
    • Purchase and supply orders
    • Quarterly PLU Reports and analysis
    • Team Meeting Minutes
    • Weekly Scheduler with two weeks scheduled for all team members.
    • WESA Reports completed accurately and on time.
    • Work requests (Facility Maintenance and Information Support)
  10. Maintains compliance with Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facility (CARF) standards.
  11. Keeps informed of product knowledge, industry trends, and competitive pricing through comparative shopping of competitors (e.g., full or discount retail, consignment, and second-hand thrift.)
  12. Performs assigned duties within the framework of our Guiding Principles:
    • Using data for operational productivity
    • We are committed to providing outstanding customer service.
    • Greeting donors and shoppers within 10 seconds.
    • Maintaining a clean, neat, organized, and safe facility.  The image of the store reflects Goodwill, the manager, and the team.
    • Stocking our store with full and fresh product.
    • All donations should be processed within 24 hours.
    • Avoiding piles-If you have a pile, we have a problem.
  13. Attends in-service and related training as assigned by Operations Leadership.
  14. May be asked to participate in activities outside of Goodwill.
  15. Performs other duties as assigned by Operations Leadership.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Minimum of two years of management/supervisory experience in a business (retail) setting preferred.
  • Associate degree in business or related field preferred. 
  • Strong leadership, interpersonal, and verbal and written communication skills.
  • Basic computer skills.

Special Requirements:

  • Must be available to work evenings and weekends.
  • Must have a reliable means of transportation.
  • Store Managers must open the store at least (2) times per week and must close the store at least (2) times per week, on time.  This will result in managers opening and closing the store at least (4) days a week.
  • Store Managers are expected to work each Monday and Friday, a minimum of three Saturdays per month, and the first and last day of the month.  But for exceptional circumstances, Store Managers will avoid taking PTO during the first and last week of the month.
  • Must make a commitment to drug-free workplace culture and policy.

Physical Requirements:

  • Able to bend, reach and stand for extensive periods of time and lift up to forty pounds.  May be required to lift heavier goods/items with the assistance of another team member.
  • Able to perform tasks that require repetitive motion, i.e., tagging or hanging clothes.  Manual dexterity is required.

Critical Performance Factors (CPF):

  1. Efficiency (Location vs goal)
  2. Transaction Value (Location vs goal)
  3. Donor Value (Location vs goal)
  4. Sales per Labor Hour vs LY (Location vs goal)
  5. Sales vs Budget (Location vs goal)
  6. Payroll as a Percent of Revenue (Location vs goal)
  7. Budgeted Profit vs Actual Profit (Location vs goal)
  8. Retention (New Hire 90 -day retention and annual retention vs LY)
  9. Role Model Worker % of RFT TMs (# of Full Time TMs that are RMW/MA vs non-RMW by %) vs goal
  10. Customer Service (Internal and External)
  11. Image (Goodwill, Team, and Signage)
  12. Change Round up as a % of Transactions (>30% and higher than previous year)
  13. Administration – Performance management/Training (zero overdue)
  14. Reporting-Quarterly Business Unit, Team Meeting Minutes, Safety, Over/Short
  15. Operations – Goodwill Internal Audit metric score
  16. Safety – Goodwill Safety metric score