Sales Floor Associate

Mission Statement: Building lives that work

Reports To: Store Management Team

Supervises: N/A

Job Objective: To assist the management team by delivering exceptional customer service that is timely and accurate; and making product available for our Goodwill customers to purchase in a timely safe manner. Carry out the Marion Goodwill Industries, Inc. mission statement.

Essential Job Functions

Customer Service:

  • Demonstrate outstanding customer service, able to show customer respect at all times, and settling for nothing less than excellence while performing daily responsibilities.
  • Observe the 10-foot rule, which ensures every customer encountered at this distance is aided in a polite and serviceable manner.
  • Greet all customers with a pleasant, warm greeting and smile as they enter the building, direct customers to areas of the store as requested, and thank all customers as they exit the building.
  • Promote sale of merchandise and special sale items.
  • Demonstrate a professional, presentable appearance, including visible presence of the issued name tag according to Marion Goodwill dress code.
  • Attend all training/meetings as scheduled.
  • Is aware of and follows all company policies and procedures as outlined in the Employee Handbook and ongoing training.
  • Work as scheduled, being flexible when needed.

Sales Floor:

  • Answer incoming phone calls in a friendly and professional manner and direct customer calls to the appropriate dept/area of store.
  • Assist at cash registers wrapping and/or bagging merchandise.
  • Provide carry out service, as needed.
  • Remove clothes from dressing rooms and rehang them on racks.
  • Remove merchandise stock from sales floor to backroom.
  • Aid in the presentation of professional store displays.
  • Clean and maintain all store fixtures.
  • Ensure organization of all products on the sales floor. (Examples: color code clothing and categorizing wares.)


  • Complete cashier training.
  • Perform opening tasks, including light housekeeping of cash work station and re-stocking of the cashier work station daily.
  • Perform register opening and closing duties, including counting your register accurately using basic mathematics skills, removing detail register tapes, and providing your register drawer to supervisor for final audit.
  • Take responsibility for individually assigned register ensuring no overages or shortages of assigned money.
  • Collect cash, charge payments, due bills, supersaver cards and gift certificates from customers and make change accurately for cash transactions, repeat back to the customer the amount dispersed in dollars and cents and provide register receipts to customers.
  • Make evident the ability to administer discounts when and where applicable.
  • Package customer purchases in bags or boxes with care.
  • Assist with customer service at adjacent workstations, if applicable.
  • Answer telephone and provide announcements on paging system, as needed.
  • Perform other merchandise and supply stocking duties as assigned.
  • Ensure each customer is asked to Round up their transaction total.

Merchandise Processor

  • Inspect and sort all incoming clothing, accessories, shoes, and other wares to determine if items are suitable for sale or should be salvaged.
  • Prepare items for sale by sorting, hanging, pricing and/or tagging merchandise.
  • Transport items to and from the sales floor.
  • Place items on shelves, in bins, or on racks according to Marion Goodwill Industries Inc. standards.
  • Face shelves, racks, and/or bins according to display standards.
  • Remove/pull expired items from displays on sales floor.
  • Prepare furniture for the sales floor as needed.
  • Keep accurate records of processed items, carts or racks and report to management daily.
  • Meet and/or exceed Marion Goodwill production standards.
  • Sort product at consistent pace of five (5) seconds per piece.
  • Complete merchandise processor training.

Donation Attendant:

  • Complete donation attendant training.
  • Assist and receive donated goods from the donors by helping unload cars & carrying donations in a safe manner.
  • Collect and bag/box all donations brought in.
  • Organize donations as they are brought in. Sort donations by wares and textiles. Utilizing space available.
  • Provide receipts to donors.
  • Maintain accurate donation records of total donors on a daily and weekly basis.
  • Assist truck drivers in loading and unloading donations, as directed by manager on duty, in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Retrieve and collect shopping carts and baskets, as necessary.

Cleaning: (Inside and/or outside of the location)

  • Follow store cleaning procedures as assigned.


  • Ability to pay close attention to his/her surroundings and alert management to any situation that seems dangerous and/or suspicious.
  • Responsible for maintaining a safe workplace and complying with all state and federal safety and health regulations as well as company safety policy and procedures.
  • Responsible for learning and executing all Consumer Product Safety Commission recalls.
  • Responsible for safe handling and usage of blue tubs.
  • Responsible for knowing the location of, how to read, and understand the Safety Data Sheets.
  • Responsible for sanitizing and labeling of bedding, upholstered furniture, stuffed toys, and filling materials.
  • Report any accidents/incidents and unsafe conditions to the store manager(s) and assist with completing appropriate reports.
  • Attend monthly safety meetings.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Supervisor.

Critical Skills:

  • Must be able to work independently in a store team environment.
  • Academic preparation preferably at high school level or GED.
  • Some retail experience preferred.
  • Must be 16 years of age or older, have command of the English language sufficient to communicate with customers, co-workers, and supervisors.
  • Must possess strong interpersonal skills with customers and coworkers.
  • Must be able to stand for long periods of time, stoop, squat, bend and twist, reach for extended periods of time; push, pull, or lift up to 50 pounds in a safe manner.
  • Must have a desire to work with rehabilitation consumers, employees, and the public.
  • Must be reliable and dependable.
  • Must be able to pass alcohol/drug screening.

Job Location: Assigned store; some travel to other stores/main building may be necessary.

Equipment: Computer, Cash register, adding machine, supplies, pallet jack, and forklift (when licensed by Agency)

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