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There’s nothing ordinary about working at Goodwill. Driven by our mission, we operate differently than any for-profit company or nonprofit agency in the world. Since everyone at our social enterprise must set an example for those around them, working here calls on a greater personal responsibility than the average job, and a job at Goodwill rewards in ways not found in a paycheck of any size.

Summer Youth Coordinator

Assistant Coordinator for Summer Work Experience Program is a Summer position that provides oversight and management of summer work for youth with disabilities in Marion, Morrow, Delaware, Crawford, and Union Counties. Ability to manage program with multiple partners and oversee…

SCSEP Program Manager

This position is responsible for the successful delivery of services to consumers specifically following any requirements of program or funding criteria. Carries out the Mission Statement of Marion Goodwill.

Youth Job Coach

This position is responsible for reinforcing of on-the-job training instruction, job tasks and related behavior skills in a manner that manifests the cooperative and collaborative mission of Goodwill.

Employment Specialist

This position is responsible for assisting individuals with disabilities and other special needs to attain self-sufficiency through employment and training. S/he will develop training topics, training aides, and activities for the Education and Training Center; keep accurate case notes and paperwork on all consumer files; and keep accurate accounts of billable time. S/he is responsible for the successful delivery of services to consumers eligible for training while carrying out the Marion Goodwill Industries, Inc. mission statement.

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